Our Team

Our directors of the board: Wilfred and Christine Reurink, together with Shelton Eiman and Marius Rabie.

Staff members are: Loren Beukes, Jaques and Amelda Mingo and their children Yoyoya and Jamee. They passionately serve the different key areas of the project’s daily activities, faithfully and diligently serving the communities as they strive to share God’s love to restore hope and rebuild lives.

Johan and Sanne Slager

// Founders

Johan and Sanne are the founders of the Nehemiah project. They are parents to four one-of-a-kinds and full of character children. Originally from the Netherlands, the happy tribe has been loving and living in South Africa since 2010 and returned  the end of 2018, after handing over the leadership to Wilfred and Christine. The children’s lives have been impacted greatly, and they still talk about them. Two of our staff members grew up under their care and show the fruit of their labour.

Wilfred and Christine Reurink

// ministry leaders Nehemiah Project, directors

It was during a visit to the Missionary ship Anastasia, from the well known Mercy Ships, that Christine fell in love with Missions by the age of eleven. Though not a Doctor, since Mercy Ships focus mainly on Medical assistance, this Dutch lady from Amersfoort didn’t stop pursuing her dream to help and serve others.
Married in 2001, together with Wilfred’s fiery desire for discipleship for the younger generation, their family of four has moved to South Africa 2016. They have enthusiastically…

Shelton Eiman

// long term staff, director

Shelton grew up in the community of Roodewal and was one of the first boys in the program. Having been in the program for over ten years formed his identity and Christlike character. He further developed his discipelschip training (DTS) at YWAM Worcester and followed several courses in Family Counseling, Biblestudy and Leadership. Shelton is passionate about giving back to his community.

Marius Rabie

// member of the board

Marius has a passion to worship Jesus and for discipling youth. As worship leader in the local church and in the Nehemiah Project, he examples a heart of worship to our youth. Marius teaches both musical skills as well as Who it is that we sing for.  His vision is to form a band that takes part in worship and in spreading the gospel.

Amelda and Jaques Mingo

// long term parttime staff

Jaques and Amelda and their children Yoyoya, Amee and junior, live in the community of Roodewal and are a pillar of support and love as they serve “their” people. In 2020 Jaques and Amelda finished a discipleship training school and a family counceling cource at YWAM, after which they joined our team as long-term staff. Because the Project’s vision is to empower local people to lead and serve in their own community, this family plays a vital role in the sustainability of the Project. They have already proven to be a huge blessing, showing wisdom and diligence, and passion for the kids.

Damon Kotze


My name is Damon Kotze. I am the Pastor of Worcester Baptist Church. I am 30 years old and married to my beautiful wife, Gigi. I have a heart for the lost and a heart for seeing people changed and transformed into the image of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My wife and I have a passion for young people and long to see the next generation raised up and empowered to make a powerful and lasting impact for Jesus.

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